Hydrogen Fuel Tank Valve

Schrader Pacific was contacted by a global automotive OEM that needed a valve for the head of a 70 MPa storage tank to be used in their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The valve needed to contain and dispense hydrogen gas for vehicle propulsion, include a number of essential control and safety features and meet multiple global standards and registrations.

Schrader Pacific designed, developed, and produced the hydrogen tank valve and also managed the certification and registration of the valve as required for global use. This tank valve included the dispensing port with a solenoid control valve, an innovative pressure-balanced thermal relief device, a thermistor, a pressure transducer, and features for other tank functions.

This engineering development has expanded Schrader Pacific’s extensive background in the handling of valves for extreme pressure, sealing and flowing flammable gases with very high permeability. This experience is relevant to many other applications with less extreme functional requirements.

Schrader Pacific continues to be active in developing specialty valve solutions for protecting flammable high-pressure storage containers against high-temperature and high-pressure episodes. We are prepared to use our experience and knowledge to help meet your engineering challenges.


  • Contains and dispenses hydrogen gas for vehicle propulsion
  • Dispensing port with a solenoid control valve
  • Pressure-balanced thermal relief device
  • Thermistor
  • Pressure transducer

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